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The 16th International Exhibition on Textile Industry
20 May, 2013

2013spin Exhibition Introduction

     The 16th International Exhibition on Textile Industry?SHANGHAITEX 2013, organized by Shanghai Textile Holding (Group) Company, Shanghai International Trade Promotion Committee and Shanghai International Chamber of Commerce; Undertaken by Shanghai Textile Technology Service & Exhibition Center, Shanghai International Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., and Hong Kong Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd. will be held on 10th-13th June 2013 atShanghaiNewInternationalExpoCenterwith scale of 100,000 square meters.

    2012, is the important year for the textile industry of China with its structure adjustment and industrial upgrading.SHANGHAITEX 2013, is an efficient, environmentally and developing platform for the companies to display their high automation, energy saving, new processes and new R & D technology to the users and get the recognition from them, holding the great opportunities.

    Along with the crucial year of "Second Five", the "12th Five-Year" Development Guidance of Textile Machinery Industry proposed that, it would focus on developing 8 kinds of high-end textile technology & equipment , speed up technology R & D and industrialization of 50 types of textile machinery , and actively promote the 38 pieces of advanced and applicable products / technologies of textile machineries in the seven areas.At the key time of the "50 +38" Project , undoubtedly, enterprises will be able to find their appropriate project investment and development with solid support of SHANGHAITEX2013. As the exhibition is not only the best platform for you to display their brands and advanced technology, but also can promote the communication between the business and customers in order to help you to achieve the rare opportunity of business innovation.