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The 11th china(Guangzhou) International.Auto parts Expo.2013
15 May, 2013

The 11th China(Guangzhou) International Auto Parts Expo,2013

Audience organization

CAPE 2013 will be a grand, modern and international trade event relying on mainland, radiating Asian-Pacific area and taking a broad view of the world. The sponsor guarantees that all participants see through effective product introduction and imager show, widen the market and succeed in popularizing based on this professional expo. One of the focuses of the work of CAPE 2013 Organizing Committing is the organizing and inviting of professional audience. The sponsor will introduce the internationally advanced CRM customer relation administrative system, combining government, association, enterprises, media resources and the sponsor's strong database and through direct posing, fax, visiting, VIP invitation, instant popularization, exhibition previewing, advertising, media, participant invitation and international cooperation and many kinds of channels to invite many professions

Expo features

? CAPE 2013 Organizing Committing succeeds in build a database of buyers at home and abroad. During the expo, enterprises may consult data and information of buyers, after the expo, it may be provided.

? Taking advantage of national professional association's predominance, the sponsor will have revolutionary consequence for car enterprises and bring you prompt and best attention!

? The sponsor will bring N opportunities for the exhibitor because of strong advertising and effective mass media. The sponsor establishes long-term cooperative relations with authority media!

? CAPE 2013 will be a grand event which is the first choice for buyers to order and trade as a result of participation of many enterprises and assembling of the elite !